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Sicilian Passion is the first Italian commercial environment in 2019

Over 4000 plants above 3 hectares  to give the costumers a high quality product, made in Italy

Our Belief

Sicilian Passion grows a “ready to eat” product, picking the fruits only fully mature and without chemical residues. Company doesn’t use pesticides and its environment is plastic free.


Our mission

Sicilian Passion want to offer to customers an organic product, a high quality product and fresh too. The fruits are better than those imported for their value, taste and sweetness.

sicilian passion

Our History

Since three generations Moscato Family manages the company handing down experience to the next generation. Experience is the real asset to the corporate and from that depends on business success. Up to 2013, the company is focused on the growth of Passion Fruit setting aside vegetable cultivation before.
Sicilian Passion will be placed in the market share that today is ruled by imported products from the Tropics. So it wants to offer better quality fruits than those imported by ship which achieve full maturation during the trip, for this reason, have low quality. The company picks the fruits fully mature instead, and they have a competitive price, compared to the fruits that are imported by aeroplane. The fruits are delivered in 24 or 48 hours so maintained its organoleptic value.
The company increases its sales and in 2019 it becomes the first commercial environment in Italy, for the sale of Passion Fruits, with more than 4000 plants in 3 hectares.
It receives positive feedback from its customers of France and North of Italy for this reason the management is very hopeful for the future.
Sicilian Passion has filed a request for the achievement of organic produce certification but now its products have a zero chemical residue.


The bee-keepers choose our environment to raise bee, 'cause it's healthy and plastic free too. A good place for installing apiaries.


Soil and Climate Study

Carrying out the first studies about the soil properties and climate conditions.


First Test

Starting the test about the plant reactions in a new environment.

Years2015 - '16


Selection of improved varietie plants that are suitable for the environment.



Pilot Plant

Building and operation of the pilot plant.



Beginning production and the sale of frutits. 


Sicilian Passion has extended in Europe its market share, selling its fruits in France end North Italy. The customers are satisfied for the goodness of the fruits also timeless of deliveries. That inspires trust to Sicilian Passion.


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