our passion, your fruit


Our fruits have a unique taste, a Mediterranean and exotic mix. Are picked when are fully mature, so they have great taste and organoleptic properties.



Customers find our products excellent. The smell remember those of Tropics and also the colour, so intense, is typical of fully mature fruit.

Fruits are pulpy and haven’t empty spaces inside, so their weight is between 80 and 120 grams.

The taste is made by Sicily sun and by the closeness to the sea.

Our fruits are high sugary and they have a light acid aftertaste, that is typical of the Passion Fruit. All the fruits have a °Brix degree from 18 to 19

We carry out the application to get certification as such organic producers to give a completely safe products.

We don’t use pesticides or chemicals additives and our environment is plastic free to follow our belief about the respect for nature.

Today we sell our fruits without any chemical residue.

we take care of nature and customers